The Crenshaw

by The Crenshaw

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released October 15, 2016

The Crenshaw is
Andrew Jones- voice, bass, effects and programming
Christopher Johnedis- drums and triggers

Recorded By Josh Powell at the Map Room

Mixed By Ryan Breen
*stems on Cut In Half mixed by Cal Campbell

Mastered by Drew Thomas at Sage Audio

All songs by Andrew Jones

artwork by Beth Tom



all rights reserved


The Crenshaw Portland, Oregon

Andrew Jones- voice, upright bass and electronics
Christopher Johnedis- drums and triggers.
The Crenshaw can allude to tensely repetitive footwork and juke beats, explosive art rock, ambient minimalism and delicate free improvisation all in the span of 3 minute songs that employ stuttery drums, warped synths, dastardly bass/voice counterpoint and self-effacing or darkly humorous lyrics. ... more

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Track Name: Walking Meditation
How far down the rabbit hole
Would you like to go today?
If you could stay in the moment
What would be revealed in a cosmic wave
Could you be freed
By the forgiveness of indifference
On a scale
That brings your little lungs to shuddering?

How far down the rabbit hole?

Bird songs entwined with voices in the distance
Register with those drums I carry, sympathetic
Measured carefully by whiskers without mathematics

These trees don't have a map for how they want to grow
Wanna make the universe laugh? Make plans, firsher
My personality's a monogrammed briefcase with nothing in it
And if a thought rings true, then I know I'm kidding myself
But a true-scale draft will suffocate you in its useless folds
Thoughts are useful lies- useful lies or deadly ghosts.
Track Name: Baseball
As God, you are responsible for nothing
And everything all at once
Sometimes it sucks hard

I once went to a minor league game
Relegated to the cheap seats, had only my friends to blame
They were hawking cotton candy off a crucifix
Sat up to sing God Bless America after the sixth

My love, life is very short
My love, it's a lot to bear
So I never can say when

I've been set like a slow clock
Minutes fast, delayed the shock
I was not made to be
Tested by a power much greater than me
Track Name: Free Dumb
Took his kin
Cut down his tree
Took their lives
Took them free
Play these games
Who makes rules?
Who collects?
Who plays fool?
Or Later
Figures out
Suffering works
When you're in doubt
Or later
Figures out

Freedom goes as far as our menu of options
Dumb as free gets, the house is favored on all bets

Tense but relaxed
Mindful but distracted
Wish I could go back
Teach myself how to act
Track Name: Cut in Half
I'd commit a genocide on this freeway
But wouldn't harm a fly
I'd tell you that I'm honest
But that would be a lie
I try to be good, I can't help it
A TV trained killer or a gorilla in disguise

More than a monkey because I know deceit
Better than some not as completely
As most of you people
You fucking people, don't you people have jobs?
Or someplace better to be?
Than killing yourselves slowly
With the drone blaring loud in your stained-steel coffins?
I think these thoughts too often.

Cut me in half, you'll get a clown and a giraffe
And I can't tell who's playing who
And if you want a laugh,
Well then have I got a joke for you
Track Name: Invasion
Don't be alarmed
These stories are just ideas
And you can rest assured
Should occur either one,
There's nothing to be done

We cast a net into the sky
Made of satellites flying near the speed of light
Our childish cry into the unknown
Didn't go too long unnoticed

Come back to my hotel
Cause I'm fresh out of nothing

Suffering an age of dire need
Rare commodities exhausted there on planet greed
We came in search, indeed, and found
And when our giant needle touched down
It broadcast on all frequencies this sound

Come back to my hotel
Cause I'm fresh out of nothing

Tiny fingers probe easily through my frontal lobe
Exhausted their supply on planet greed
Track Name: Poetry
Triangular dawn
Thou art more beautiful than I can bear
If nothing is wrong
How can I ever feel righteous again?

Poetry is nature's answer
To the problem of being conscious of your own death
Enemies are a byproduct of
A dis-ease inside our heads

Charity is adaptation
Like opposable thumbs and eyelashes
The neurons that fire when i walk in your shoes
Serve me well between ashes to ashes
Track Name: Surgery
Folded up inside this letter to myself
In the next life
I'll put the screws that hold me tight

Remind that stranger how to break out of his skin
And realize
Our limits are our definitions

The doctor said
His muscle broke his own arm
This is the lesson
When will he learn his lesson?

Shadier trees have led to this rare skin disease
An allergy to reality

Patiently waiting for the moment to reveal
Its perfection
Illuminate the path and be healed in the firelight

His muscle broke his own arm
This is the lesson
When will he learn his lesson?

Are these dreams my own? it's hard to say
Some are real
And some are printed on my DNA
It's hard to think
While radio and micro waves slice through my head
Slow and steady win the race
The race?
I've lost the will
I've lost the track
And the rabbit's far ahead
Track Name: Just Jared
Words don't mean what they mean
Can't tell me anything
Mother Nature's car alarm
I go off like a charm, pay attention to me


Loneliness is a key
I was exploited for free
But the effects were profoundly costly

My ex-friends couldn't know
I was surrounded by foes
Sabotaging my life invisibly

I could tell what's real
By the high that I'd feel
And my faith in common wisdom's failure

My receptors were primed
Was fucked up all the time
The world was dying, only I knew how to save her

I like my cage
I like my hierarchy
Ain't no one gonna take it away from me
I like my cage
Track Name: Uneasy
I saw the trophy
And I saw the beast
I saw what someone wanted me to see

These scars that I've acquired over time
Have taught me truth as an evolving thing

Uneasy with myself 'cause I don't get it
Got seconds to decide, a lifetime to regret it
Nothing adds up when your values are shot
The pricetag's infinity, I get embarrassed a lot
Of being a man: an animal what know right from wrong
And does wrong anyhow
My bed of nails thinks maybe we aren't even really worth saving
And nobody knows how
Oh hell, goddamn
Oh what's the point
If we can't treat each other that well?
Track Name: Beddy Bye
Hug your dad
And say your goodnights
Brush your teeth
Sleep tight
Remember forever
And don't let those bed bugs bite.