from by The Crenshaw



Don't be alarmed
These stories are just ideas
And you can rest assured
Should occur either one,
There's nothing to be done

We cast a net into the sky
Made of satellites flying near the speed of light
Our childish cry into the unknown
Didn't go too long unnoticed

Come back to my hotel
Cause I'm fresh out of nothing

Suffering an age of dire need
Rare commodities exhausted there on planet greed
We came in search, indeed, and found
And when our giant needle touched down
It broadcast on all frequencies this sound

Come back to my hotel
Cause I'm fresh out of nothing

Tiny fingers probe easily through my frontal lobe
Exhausted their supply on planet greed


from The Crenshaw, released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Crenshaw Portland, Oregon

Andrew Jones- voice, upright bass and electronics
Christopher Johnedis- drums and triggers.
The Crenshaw can allude to tensely repetitive footwork and juke beats, explosive art rock, ambient minimalism and delicate free improvisation all in the span of 3 minute songs that employ stuttery drums, warped synths, dastardly bass/voice counterpoint and self-effacing or darkly humorous lyrics. ... more

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