from by The Crenshaw



I saw the trophy
And I saw the beast
I saw what someone wanted me to see

These scars that I've acquired over time
Have taught me truth as an evolving thing

Uneasy with myself 'cause I don't get it
Got seconds to decide, a lifetime to regret it
Nothing adds up when your values are shot
The pricetag's infinity, I get embarrassed a lot
Of being a man: an animal what know right from wrong
And does wrong anyhow
My bed of nails thinks maybe we aren't even really worth saving
And nobody knows how
Oh hell, goddamn
Oh what's the point
If we can't treat each other that well?


from The Crenshaw, released October 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Crenshaw Portland, Oregon

Andrew Jones- voice, upright bass and electronics
Christopher Johnedis- drums and triggers.
The Crenshaw can allude to tensely repetitive footwork and juke beats, explosive art rock, ambient minimalism and delicate free improvisation all in the span of 3 minute songs that employ stuttery drums, warped synths, dastardly bass/voice counterpoint and self-effacing or darkly humorous lyrics. ... more

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